It’s amazing how much there is to do in Fredericksburg VA, especially as it pertains to history. The city is one for the history books, and you most likely remember that from school. Virginia in general is a state for the history books when it comes to the formation of the United States of America. Let’s get to looking at some of the top attractions you can visit when you make your way to Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Aside from the historical attractions, you’re going to see breweries and distilleries, too. For example, you have the A Smith Bowman Distillery. There is also a place called Red Dragon Brewery. That sounds interesting, don’t you think? Then there is Adventure Brewing Company, too. Okay, that’s enough about the breweries and distilleries for now. It’s time to take a look at those historical attractions.

When you visit Fredericksburg, there are places like the Indian Punch Bowl. Then there is also the Old Masonic Cemetery, and there is even a grave for the arm of Stonewall Jackson. That sounds like a place you want to visit to take a selfie to post to Instagram. Not only will you find historical attractions and those breweries and distilleries, but you will also find many places to enjoy nature.

For instance, there is Alum Spring Park and also Motts Run Reservoir Recreation Area. Then you have Old Mill Park and Curtis Park. And of course, some of those historical attractions are surrounded by nature, like the battlefields in the area. You might also want to see the Mary Washington Monument and the Old Salem Church.

Then there is the Rappahannock Railroad Museum and the Kirkland Monument. The breweries and distilleries were mentioned, but there is also a winery you might want to visit, too. It’s called Hartwood Winery. The Maltese Brewing Company is another one of the breweries you might want to visit if you want to add another one of those to the list.

The Virginia Civil War Trail is also a top attraction, as is the Hugh Mercer Apothecary Shop. Yes, it is an apothecary shop. Talk about an interesting place to visit. To be honest, it would be the first place I wanted to visit. The Rising Sun Tavern is also said to be a lot of fun, and you know you want to stop by Battlefield Fredericksburg. You just have to pick some places and get started.