Fredericksburg VA makes for a great family trip. There are many adventures to be found there, much history to learn and more. It’s a place to be out in nature, and it’s a wonderful city to explore. Your time in Fredericksburg VA is about to begin, and hopefully you can make it by these top attractions.

Chatham Manor is one of the historic sites in Fredericksburg that you and your family may want to stop by. Its location is Chatham Lane across the river. You will also find the Pontoon Bridge there, and it is a building that Clara Barton was in for a time. This has everything to do with the history of the Civil War in the area. The grounds are beautiful, and there are other attractions nearby. You get a nice view of the river, too.

Alum Spring Park is another top attraction in Fredericksburg. Located off of Greenbrier Drive, Alum Spring Park is full of nice scenery and hiking trails. It is of course a free place to visit, so you get to save money, too. It seems like a lovely place for packing a picnic. One thing you need to know about this park is that people say there is limited parking, so keep that in mind.

Motts Run Reservoir Recreation Area is located at 6600 River Road. You can rent a canoe, go fishing and much more when you visit this area of Fredericksburg. If you want to visit a quiet and peaceful refuge away from the city, this is the place to do it. Of course, there are other great places in Fredericksburg that can serve as the same, too.

To learn more about the city of Fredericksburg, perhaps one of the best places to stop by is the Fredericksburg Area Museum. Located on Princess Anne Street, Fredericksburg Area Museum is a cultural center featuring much local history. You’re going to be in a Town Hall that is over 200 years old. It’s a unique museum, and as mentioned, you get to learn all about Fredericksburg.

You can make your way around to many of the other attractions, too. Fredericksburg is such a cool city to explore. There are so many great places to see, and you’re going to find a lot of history, too. As you prepare to travel around Fredericksburg, Virginia, make a note of the places mentioned, and see what all you end up doing.